How to maintain your wetsuit

A good wetsuit will make all the difference in the world when it comes to enjoying water sports. This is probably one of the most popular nautical clothing items, as it will keep you warm and allow you to stay in water for a long time. Since a wetsuit can be pretty pricy, once you have invested in one it is very important to know how to maintain it if you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. There are a few things that you need to do, starting from the way you put your wetsuit on to how you take care of it after having work it throughout the day.


Those who have ever worn such a suit know that probably the most difficult part about this type of clothing is putting it one. Sometimes, it can be a real effort to get your legs through and in the process you put a lot of stress on the seams. At first it will not be a problem, but in time those seams will get weaker and you will have to replace it. To this extent, one of the most effective tips of putting a wetsuit on is to put a plastic bag on your foot before sliding it through the suit. It will work like a charm and allow you to get dresses faster and easier. In addition, you will not stress the seams and be able to wear your suit for a much longer time. Sailing fashion may come and go, but a good wetsuit will always be your most valuable possession, so it is worth maintaining it.


Another good tip for properly maintaining this nautical clothing item is to rinse it with fresh water after each session. After that hank it up somewhere and let it dry, but avoid placing it in direct sunlight, as the heat may damage it. Furthermore, do not hang it by the shoulder, because you will again put stress on the seams because of the weight. Fold it in half and hang it by the waist. This method will help the suit dry faster and protect it in the process. If the weather is not very good and you think that the suit is not drying fast enough, you can turn it inside out once a day, until you consider it has dried completely. Once in a while you could invest in some wetsuit shampoo which will help remove those pesky salt satins that erode it as well as the stinky smell which tends to gather after having worn it a few times.


All in all, these are the main things you should take into account if you want to enjoy your wetsuit for as long as possible. Considering the investment that you had to make to purchase it, it would be a shame if you did not do everything it your power to prologue its life for as long as possible. A well maintained suit can last for years and allow you to invest in other sailing fashion items from stores such as

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Where to buy sailing equipment?

Sailing is a beautiful and relaxing passion that is practiced by more and more people these days. It is true that not everyone in love with sailing owns a yacht, but in the end there are more ways to sail than one. You can practice the so-called dinghy sailing, which implies owning a very small boat, not a yacht. You can do canoeing or you can sail a motor-boat. There are plenty of ways to practice this sport, if you are truly passionate about it. However, once you have decided upon the type of sailing you are interested in practicing, you should also begin your search for the adequate sailing apparel. Luckily, there is a rich market and there are more than sufficient providers that can offer you the exact products you are looking for. What should be of a real concern to you is identifying the right store, capable of offering you just the items you are in need of. These being said, you should conduct an organized search by looking at specific details and only after decide upon the right provider for your needs.


Although there are traditional, land-based stores that can offer clients quite a few sailing items, online providers are a better choice, because these offer variety in products. Thus, if you accept the idea to shop online, then you need to start your search by looking at reputation. There are plenty of threats over the Internet and only by making sure that you are collaborating with a trustworthy partner will you keep away from problems. Reputation matters, so make sure that you consider it in the search. Secondly, as mentioned in the beginning, you need to seek a provider that can offer you diversity in products. Since there are so many ways to practice this sport, you should expect to find specific sailing equipment. Life jackets, wetsuits, shorts, trousers, shirts, fleeces, thermals, shoes, the list could go on forever. The idea is to find that provider that can offer you such a diversified range of products, so that you can choose the exact products that are of interest to you.


Furthermore, you have to check out the delivery policy. You might just find the provider you are interested in, the provider that has the products that you need, but discover that you cannot collaborate with that company. So, be sure that the provider in question ships products to your country. Price matters as well. In fact there are some clients that begin their search with this aspect in mind. Still, keep in mind that quality is often pricy. So, if you want sailing equipment of a high standard, then prepare yourself for a bit of spending. However, choosing quality instead of price is always a wise decision. Admiralty Limited is a dedicated company, a provider that you could actually trust. If you will visit the official website, you will most likely discover a wide range of sailing accessories and clothing items, of a high quality, at affordable prices.

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Things you should take into consideration before sailing away

Most people like sailing on clear waters because it relaxes them, and gives them the opportunity to admire the beauty of nature and enjoy the immense peace that surrounds them. Whether you are doing this only for leisure, or it is one of your biggest passions, you should know that a pleasant boat ride can become a real burden if you adventure on the waters unprepared. Once you decide to get up on a boat and sail away, you must have some skills and knowledge, to know what you are up to and which could be the unexpected situations you could encounter. For this reason, the best thing you should do, especially as a beginner, is to read a bit about this topic and purchase special sailing attire, which can be very helpful for your safety during difficult weather conditions. The main variables to be taken into consideration when you prepare yourself for a boat trip are the boat, of course, the equipment and the external factors, such as the meteorological forecast. You must equip yourself not only with the best items, but also with the know-how on managing all the elements of a successful sailing experience.

To begin with, you have to follow diligently the weather forecast, in order to be aware of the upcoming conditions: humidity, wind, temperature, precipitations. These can all be extremely important, having equal relevance, so do not ignore some extra or minus degrees, because these can make a huge difference. Consult specialized websites before getting away, to know what to expect and which items you will need. Besides the temperature, wind is also a crucial factor, because it influences not only your attire, but also the ability to sail: since the boats’ main power resource is represented by the wind, understanding its importance is vital. A good sailor has to be aware of the strength and direction of the wind: the first one helps you calculate the speed, while the latter will influence the route and duration of the trip. There are specialized devices that you can help to find the exact values: the intensity of the wind is calculated from 0 (the smallest value) to 12 (indicates a strong storm). The temperature influences the number of layers you will need: even if during the day it may be sunny and warm, the mornings and evenings are very chill on the sea, so make sure you have suitable clothes, to protect yourself from cold, humidity and wind.

Prepare your equipment in advance, and do not forget to include sailing life jackets and buoyancy, because you never know when you may need them. Remember to tell somebody where you are heading to, and make a list of the things you need, so that you will not forget anything: a water canister, clocks, a compass, flares, food, a waterproof lantern, binoculars, a chart nada nu additional item you think you may need. There are many dedicated companies from where you can buy everything you need, such as Slam-asia, so that you can equip yourself and have a safe and pleasant boat trip.

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How sailing equipment keeps you safe

As soon as the weather get better and frosty air is gone, sailors all around the world feel the enthusiasm of their first sail of the year: enjoying the day admiring the clear waters from the deck and seeing the shinny rays of the sunset reflected in the water. Sailing is not only a leisure activity, but something that goes beyond a simple passion, and people all around the world are fascinated and practice it not only on the sea, but also on inland waters. The best time for sailing is during spring, when the evenings are sunny and warm, but the evenings and mornings are still pretty cold, which is why special sailing clothes are required. The cold is even worse on the sea, where the breeze amplifies the low temperatures’ effects and you get to feel it more than normally, and a freezing morning on a boat is not a pleasant experience, so you have to make sure that you take all the caution methods before sailing away. Of course, the boat should be equipped with all the necessary items, but you also have to understand who important special garments are – they will keep you not only warm, but also safe, so that you can enjoy the day. There are many types of sailing clothes: some will cover you from lightweight (made of breathable materials), while others are wind and waterproof, because they have a shell layer.

The relevance of a sailing jacket or PFD should not be neglected, unless you want to put your life into danger, but this is not something that anyone would want. Each layer is equally important: the breathable one allows your skin to breath and also the evaporation of the sweat resulting after physical efforts. In addition to this, it prevents your body from overheating and will help you feel much less discomfort when you take the clothes of and chill down. The garments work like an armor, but a flexible one that will allow you to adapt to various weather conditions: heat, winter, rain, cold and so on. There are six main layers a professional sailor must wear, from the beginning of the day until the dawn: as the weather gets warmer and the sun rises, you can remove them one by one, and in the evening, when the temperatures get low again, start putting each layer on. This will keep you safe and comfortable during the whole day.

There are some reputable companies offering high quality sailing clothes, which are specially designed to offer you many options, so that you can choose the ones that suit best your body and your sailing plan. Admiralty Limited is one of these, and you will find here everything you need to protect yourself from cold weather, water and build a barrier between your body and the environment. Leaving the shore with everything you need on board will help you not only feel good and have an enjoyable day, but also eliminate the risks and keep you secure.

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How I traded in my iPhone for a new one

Smart phones do not last forever. As it is often the case, your favorite phone lets you down or you accidentally break it. You can’t even begin to imagine how I felt when I managed to crack the screen of my iPhone. The phone I was counting on for so long refused to start anymore and I was at a loss about what to do with it. Throwing the device away was certainly not an option as I spent a lot of money on it. Luckily, a friend advised me to try and sell the phone online. Apparently, this is the latest trend in phone recycling and it is more convenient than going to the market. So I desperately asked myself: where can i sell my iPhone?

To begin with, I made sure that I didn’t leave any data on the phone. As I soon learned, the price I would get for the phone depends on the model. In addition to this, private sales are more rewarding than shops and services. Initially, I wanted to sell the damn thing on eBay. My friend, being more experienced than me in these matters, suggested that I give up this idea, as it would take time. This meant that I had to do things the old-fashioned way and list the phone in the auction block. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I’m a college student. I really don’t have time to watch bids come in. The same is with Craigslist, even though I’ve heard that if you’re patient enough, your efforts will be compensated. Nevertheless, eBay and Craigslist do have the advantage of letting you control the selling price Anyway, I explored further options.

In my journey of finding the best place to sell my iPhone 5, I came across the internet on websites that advertised companies specialized in online phone exchange. To my surprise, there are plenty of online companies out there that buy old iPhones for a living. This means that they are willing to do the hard work for you. All you have to do is to fill in the blanks and they will come with an offer. At that moment, I decided this was the path to take in order to get rid of my iPhone. I didn’t waste any more time and I contacted such a company. After having evaluated the model of my smart phone, they made me an offer I could not refuse, especially because I was in need for cash. Next, I sent them the phone and the next week I received the payment via check.

In conclusion, I chose to share my experience for those who have never dealt with these kinds of situations before. It’s really a shame to dump your phone to the garbage. Companies such as SellSmartForCash have helped me advantageously sell my mobile. Not to mention that the money I got in exchange helped me a great deal.

P.S. I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 6!

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Outfit ideas for going to the beach

Summer is the time to relax, enjoy yourself and ultimately get in touch with your friends. As summer is approaching at a fast pace, it’s time to start thinking about what outfits to choose this season in order to keep up the latest trends and make an impression. Your summer outfit should be ladylike and at the same time appear to be effortless. Bikinis are not your exclusive beach item. Beach dresses are a must for fashionistas who are planning to lounge by the pool, take a walk on the beach or go on shopping spree. After all, the dress is the symbol of femininity and defines the identity and personality of the one who wears it. Regardless of the reasons for which we may choose to wear one, there are plenty of beach summer dresses specially created to match every taste and that will help you obtain the perfect summer look. The most important aspect is to protect your skin from the harmful effect of the sun.

As a general rule, the ideal beach attire should be composed of clean cuts, fine fabrics and bold colors. Moreover, they go with any kind if swimsuit. For instance, short beach gowns cover your body instantly and give it a relaxed appearance. There is not much difficulty in finding the ideal beachwear for you. The market provides various options to choose from with the intent of making your search easier. Whatever you buy, you should get an item that will fit your body type. A classic summer look is composed firstly of a retro floral print, the floral print being perhaps an emblem of summertime wear as it always evokes freshness and nature. Another frequent choice for womens beachwear is the all popular maxi ensemble, a good choice if you are going to sizzle under the sun. It will also give your look a special touch and they come in confortable materials. Do not hesitate and accessorize it with a hat, sunglasses and a beach bag. You can even pull off this look if you are going on a date or on a romantic stroll on the beach. At night, glam up your look and get an elegant combination. While many couples frequently choose to unite their fates at the beachside, the beach wedding dress is becoming more and more popular.

All in all, whether you want to feel glamorous at the beach or simply relax by the pool, beach robes are the ideal holiday look. Even if this summer ensemble is not your cup of tea, they are the recommended variant for a hot, sunny day at the beach. Companies such as Regardez-moi offer a wide range of stylish beachwear items, starting with A-line, maxi and shirt dresses. Any woman should own at least one summer gown in order to feel feminine and confortable, and no one will stop you from showing off your legs or your perfect tan.

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Used Smartphone – to sell or not to sell

We all have a couple of old mobile phones forgotten in a drawer somewhere in the house and we never think about selling them. Our logic is simple: if we do not want them anymore, why would someone else? What about the broken old phones we no longer have any hope of using, but we still cannot bear to simply throw away? Thinking that there is no market for old and broken phones is a mistake. In fact, I can sell my mobile phone in a matter of hours, irrespective of its condition, because there are certain companies that specialize in buying and selling mobile phones that will buy any type of phone, even damaged ones. Companies like will purchase your old phone with the purpose of reselling it for components. Besides the fact that you will receive money for a device that you had no use for anymore, you will also do a good deed by supporting the recycling of products with hazardous components. Few people know that mobile phone batteries are not supposed to be disposed of the regular way, because of the harmful chemicals they contain and unknowingly neglect their duty of managing waste in a responsible way. Fortunately, you can now dispose of your devices without even lifting a finger by resorting to companies that purchase old and broken mobile phones and even receive money for it.


Considering the fact that people change their Smartphone every year, the number of devices that are not in use, but are still functional has reached an alarming rate. Instead of keeping them in an old drawer for the next couple of years with other old phones you do not plan to use anymore, you can find them a new owner or cut to the chase and sell them to a specialised used phones supplier. The perks of resorting to this type of services are easy to notice. If I choose to sell my mobile phone to another user, I would need to spend time, money and effort to promote it first. Plus, I am not guaranteed results. Finding a buyer is difficult and in the meantime the value of the phone will diminish. A specialised company will not stop to negotiate, it will either buy it or not. You might think that obtaining more money from a user is possible, but the chances are actually lower than you think.


Another advantage of selling your Smartphone to a company is the fact that you will receive your money in cash faster than you can imagine. What is more, all other expenses such as the currier costs will be covered by the buyer, so you will only need to send your mobile phone to the specified address and wait for the promised money to be transferred into your account. If you have a broken phone that you would like to sell, you will rest assured that a professional company will dispose of the obsolete parts in a responsible way without damaging the environment.

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